Urban Diptychs

With the project ‘Urban Diptychs’ connections are drawn between spaces in various cities through the juxtaposition of two images. The images were taken on various trips in Europe and the USA and yet a waste ground in Turkey becomes indistinguishable from a building site in Manchester. Architectural structures in Belgium are difficult to tell apart from those in Serbia. These images make connections between the various places depicted in an attempt to point out some of the common characteristics which cities share and highlight a certain uniformity found within cities. Connections are also made between not just the places but the images themselves through composition, shapes and forms.
Additionally, the images present themes which reoccur within our work such as the conflict between nature and the urban environment, urban decay, abandonment.
The project is influenced by the work of ‘New Topographic Photographers’ from the 70s such as Robert Adams and Lewis Baltz in the way it concentrates on the man altered landscape as opposed to the untouched beauty of the natural landscape. However, what separates this work from that of the photographers mentioned above is the deliberate decision not to present information about when and where the images were taken alongside the work. By with-holding this information the intention was to invite the viewer to draw comparisons between the images without having any preconceptions about any specific place. By not revealing where each image was taken the possibilities are left open allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions concerning place identity and their own preconceptions of it and ultimately emphasising the fact that each image could have been taken in a variety of different places.

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