Time Called

Pubs have always been a significant part of British culture, but recent years have seen a drastic decline in their numbers. The evidence of this is hard to overlook as abandoned public houses can be found throughout the whole of the UK.

There are many contributing factors to this decline. Increase in prices of beer, increase in rents, the recession and the smoking ban have all had a part to play. Also, today more than ever people have more choice as to where they wish to buy and consume alcohol. Bars and clubs offer a different drinking experience than the pub and supermarkets offer cheap drinks ready to consume in the comfort of your own home.

The disappearance of these social centres is a loss for the communities in which they exist as historically pubs have always had a central role, particularly in working class communities.  Our aim was to document the buildings that are left before they vanish from the British landscape.

The New White Lion The Farewell The Wheatsheaf Ye Olde Nelson Black Horse Hotel Copenhagen Tavern Old House Peel Park Inn

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